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340 Quinnipiac Street, Wallingford, CT (Building 24, 3rd Floor)

Silver City Fencing is a new fencing club that is built on a long history. The club was founded in Guilford, CT by Coach Jim Barnett and was originally known as Shoreline Fencing Club.  After a few years of renting space at a small martial arts studio, SFC moved to Middletown, CT and into a much larger space with several electric fencing strips, workout equipment, and room enough to host summer fencing clinics.  A few years later, Coach Jim Barnett sold the club to Coach Jim Harris. He then renamed it ICONN Fencing Club.  Later, Coach Harris relocated ICONN to our current location in Silversmiths Park in Wallingford, CT. In September 2015, Coach Harris sold the club to current owner, Kyle Mezzi. He then changed the name of the club to Silver City Fencing Club. While our name is new, our history and tradition remain.