Ages: 13-18

Dates: July 20nd - July 24th, 2020
Times: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Where: Silver City Fencing Club, Wallingford, CT (formerly IConn)

Registration Deadline: June 15th, 2020
Program Limit: 20 Athletes

Cost: $400 per week or $100 per day

What you receive:

Daily small group instruction in footwork, conditioning, bladework and bouting strategies
Dynamic Warmup and Stretching
Agility and Plyometric Exercises
Dynamic Footwork and Fencing Specific Conditioning
Group and Partner Drills
Controlled and Situational Bouting
Competitive Bouting Strategies and Camp Tournament
Lectures on: Effective Goal Setting, Mental Imagery, Tournament PrepOne on One lessons with a coach

Coaches scheduled to attend:

Kyle Mezzi                  Owner and Head Coach;

                                  Head Coach, Guilford High School                                          

Sandra Marchant         Head Coach, Prospect Fencing Club;

                                  Epee Coach, Silver City Fencing Club

Note: Registration is not complete until payment is made.  Also, all Registrants must have at least a non-competitive membership to USA Fencing valid through July 2019

For more information, call (203) 640‐2631, or email us at

Or, to register today, complete the form below.  Online Payment Preferred.  Payments by cash, check or credit card are accepted at the club, email invoices available upon request, or mail a check to:

Silver City Fencing Club
340 Quinnipiac Street
Building 24, 3rd Floor
Wallingford, CT 06492

Please make all checks payable to: Silver City Fencing Club

340 Quinnipiac Street, Wallingford, CT (Building 24, 3rd Floor)

(203) 640-2631